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As a women over 50, Sonia understands the challenges we have all faced. Hence she takes a special interest in Women over 40. If this is you, and you want to transform into a healthier you, Sonia can help. Busy lifestyles, family commitments, work requirements, all of these components of our lives can stop us from being truly healthy.

SRFC Vision is to Transform Your Health, together we can do that through either Personal Strength Training or in a small group. Our indoor training studio is based in Willoughby.

Sonia specialises in Resistance and Strength Training, based on the latest models and techniques. This is ideal as strength training rebuilds the bone cells we naturally lose through the aging process.

Within the gym is wide range of Dumbells, Kettlebells, Bars and free weights along with cardio Cross trainers and steppers. Intermixed with the Resistance Training, many of Sonia clients take advantage of the specialised High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts. Each personal training session is designed specifically for each client’s focussing on a) their personal goals and (b) any injuries that may present.

We also offer specialised Programs including

HIKEFit – A specific program built around Hiking in Nature,

GOLFFit – Focusing on Stability, Flexibility, Core and Strength . Group exercise classes designed to improve your golf.

STAYFit – Small Group Private classes

TREKFit – program specifically around your up and coming trek

GET YOUR GROOVE BACK – This is all about getting you back to exercise, whether it be through walking or gentle gym exercise.

Please review our specialised program section

Our programs start with a one to one consultation to better understand your fitness goals and what’s important to you and then we create a plan together on how you can get to where you want be and stay there. We will consider exercise, nutrition and lifestyle to transform you into the New You.

Commitment is all it takes to make a difference.. And Sonia will help you make that difference

Use the contact page to connect.


Get fitter, feel healthier and be happier as you walk in natures wonderland

If you are interested in preparing for an up and coming TREK or just love getting out in nature, join our HIKEFit Program. Join like-minded adventurers and get fit in the beauty of nature, by completing BUSH HIKES in our wonderful Sydney National Parks, an added benefit is you will improve your mental health as well at the same time

HIKEFit occurs each Saturday & Sunday morning from 6.30am. We generally allow 2-3 hours for the Hikes. To find out more about each of our Hikes click the RED BUTTON.

Click Here

I recommend anyone who enjoys being outdoors, who wants to maintain or increase their fitness levels should join our HIKEFit Program. Age is no barrier, infact the average age of the Hikers is 48 . It is all about getting you Fit in Nature.

Each Hike is slightly different in terms of KM hiked, ascent of descent, gradients of the hills. Each designed to challenge you and your fitness, however, NOT in a bootcamp sort of way. We walk fast on the flat and at your own pace up hills. This is a two + hour exercise program, which is far more enjoyable than hitting the treadmill at the gym.

If you are about to go on the Trek of a lifetime are you physically and mentally prepared? I have climbed and trekked many mountains throughout the world and have the experience to train you correctly for the challenge ahead. These walks are a great way to being your training journey.

Please register your interest via our CONTACT Page. The full program allows you to gradually improve your fitness. You can join our program at any time and both Men and Women are welcome.

The weekly programs are listed on this website as well as on Meetup and on our Facebook events page. There are limited spots on each walk, before joining it is imperative we understand your current state of fitness.

When attending the HIKEFit program, it is essential you wear appropriate walking gear with stable shoes, sunhat, sunblock, and that you bring plenty of water and a snack. I encourage members to have breakfast beforehand so your body has enough fuel to handle the hike.

If you are worried about your current fitness level, please talk to me in advance and perhaps join us on a ‘GET YOUR GROOVE BACK’ program. Introductory walks to build up your fitness level for the HIKEFit program Our HIKEFit programs will be a great introduction to the TREKFit programs that you will complete when travelling with Trekking Adventures

Safety and Exercise Disclaimer

Information regarding training and exercise on this site is of a general nature. You should always consult your physician or other healthcare provider before changing your diet or starting an exercise program. Please consult your physician before undertaking any exercise, and or training plans.

If you are pregnant, nursing, diabetic, on medication, have a medical condition, or are beginning a weight control program, consult your physician before starting to exercise/train or making any dietary changes.

Specialised Programs

We also offer specialised Programs including

GOLFFit – currently held in Sydney’s Northern beaches at Warringah and Balgowlah Golf Clubs. Focusing on Stability, Flexibility, Core and Strength. Group exercise classes designed to improve your golf.

STAYFit – We can offer small group private fitness classes for those who want to train with their friends. These are preferably held in Naremburn Park.

TREKFit – When you are about to embark on a trek, you want to be in the best physical and mental shape. In our TREKFit program we design programs specifically around your up and coming trek. These could be 6 week to 6 month program depending upon your current level of fitness and Trek. Tell us where you are trekking and we will design and train you on a specific program.

GET YOUR GROOVE BACK – This is all about getting you back to exercise, whether it be through walking or gentle gym exercise. We will tailor a program specifically for you, working with your Allied Health Professional. Talk to us about your specific needs to get you healthy and fit again.

Trekking Adventures

In conjunction with my Fitness Business, I also am the founder of Trekking Adventures.  Here we offer boutique adventures to unique parts of the world, we customise trips to match your bucket list.

We will create treks that will be inspiring and rewarding and are ones that you have asked for. If you have a small group interested in trekking, then we want to know about it and will try to create that for you.

Our aim is to ensure you are fit and healthy to experience the trek of a lifetime by preparing you physically and mentally for your adventure.


In 2019 I have scheduled a variety of options including NSW weekend hiking  escapes, Tasmanian Adventures , plus iconic global treks.



Treks Planned for 2020 include

Hike, Shop , Wine and Dine in HongKong , Jan 2020

Jiri to Tengboche Monastery,  Everest region, Nepal April 2020

Andes Trek to Machu Picchu, Peru , June 2020 (Bookings Open)

Mt Kilimanjaro


Click here to visit Trekking Adventures website for all the treks currently available

If you can’t trek now, then climb mountains virtually through my blogs:

My recent blog on preparing for a 7000m mountain https://sterlingresultsaconcagua.blogspot.com.au/   and earlier blogs can be found here : https://sterlingresults.blogspot.com.au/

The full ebook on the climb can be access here Aconcagua Jan 2018


TREKFit programs ensures you complete your journey of lifetime healthy, proud and with a lasting sense of accomplishment. We will ensure you are mentally ready for the experience of a lifetime. Virtual TREKFit Preparation Packs will be offered for adventurers not based in Sydney, NSW.

Sonia is an experienced trekker, having climbed many high altitude mountains, including Mera Peak, Mt Kilimanjaro and Mt Elbrus. She has trekked Everest Base Camp& Kala Pattar, the Inca trail and the Milford Track. She has completed long walks, including the 100KM Coastrek along the beautiful Sydney coastline from Palm Beach to Coogee. From her experience and personalised training, she can prepare you for your next adventure.

TREKFit programs includes fitness training, trek training, back and pole guidance and what to include in that PACK.

Virtual TREKFit programs are also available, where we offer recommendations and advice on the appropriate fitness regime; and complete weekly checkins on status with regular SKYPE call to review program. We will create solutions based on your environment.

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