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Examples from our Autumn program

Week 3 – BUSH HIKE in Lane Cove National Park
Bush Hikes Sydney

Distance: 8.3KM
Steps : >12,000
Calories: around 450KCal
Time : 1hr 55min

Lovely Morning with perfect weather for a great Bush Hike. The walk started rather flat but progressed through Bushland to unleash enough steps to keep us entertained, beautiful caves to take pictures under and views of the Lanecove river. This picture sows the reflection of the trees in the Lanecove river. Beautiful

Week 4 – BUSH HIKE in Lindfield
Fitness Training For Hiking

Distance: 8.5KM
Steps : >12,000
Calories: around 450KCal
Time : 2hr 10min
210M Incline and Decline

The morning started with thunder and constant rain, so we postponed our start by 30mins. Starting in light rain we headed from the Lindfield train station to the start of the Two Creeks Track, about 1km of street walking. Fantastic start to the walk heading under stones caves, passing waterfalls and traversing through a tunnel, trying to keep our feet dry and avoiding the Bats. The walk was gentle for another 2 KM, then we headed uphill to cross through some beautiful bushlands, to end the track with more rock caves, fabulous tree fern forests and mangroves. We ended by walking back to the cars via the street heading directly uphill for 1 km. The breakfast at the end was also a highlight!

Week 5 – BUSH HIKE starting at St Ives
Trek Training Programs Sydney

Estimated Statistics
Distance: estimate 12KM
Steps : >14,000
Calories: around 1200KCal
Time : 2hr 40min

Great weather today for a long walk. We started the walk in St Ives and headed towards the Cascades, it is such a beautiful and peaceful spot, and from there we walked uphill and through thick bushland into the neighbouring suburb of Davidson. At the top I gave the team an option, either to return on the same path, or got a little further and complete a full loop. They chose to go the full distance. After a little street walking we were back in the Garigal National Park, however on this side there had been some serious back-burning, and so the beautiful bushland I walked through 2 months ago was now burnt landscape. However there were still beautiful sites along the way, which is what I love about our bush hikes. We ended the walk with one long walk uphill… the team were quiet exhausted by the end and happy to be going home to celebrate Mother’s Day

Week 6 – BUSH HIKE starting at Davidson Park
HIKE Training in Sydney

Distance: estimate 10KM
Steps : >15,000
Calories: around 1000KCal
Time : 2hr 40min

Week six walk started in Davidson Park, it was a stunning 10km return trip through to the “Stepping Stones”. Such beautiful scenery the entire walk. This week’s walks seemed so easy in comparison to last week, but it was still challenging in managing our footing on the terrain, many large rocks to climb over and boulders to wrap ourselves around. We traversed under many rock edges and caves and across several river beds; and were dazzled by the stunning mushrooms we found.

Week 7 – BUSH HIKE starting at St Ives Chase
HIKE Training in Sydney

Distance: estimate 9KM
Steps : >11,000
Calories: around 850KCal
Time : 3hr
Ascent 430M, Descent 460m

Week seven took us on our hardest walk for this program. We started in the streets of St Ives which lead directly onto the Warrimoo Track , Here we sat at Sonja’s Chair and overlooked the bushland of Bobbin Head, although we had to view through haze as it was burn off day …. The challenge of this walk is the ascent and descent., it included a straight steep incline for 2 km, then back down via steps, we looped around and did it all again. Some rock scrambling and a little first aid was required on this trek. Luckily my Wilderness First Aid training was beneficial, and patient is OK

Week 8 – BUSH HIKE in Epping
HIKE Training in Sydney

Distance: 9.5KM
Steps : >13500
Calories: around 950KCal
Time : 2hr 40mins
220M Ascent and Descent

Our last week of the program and we ventured into the top of lanecove national park entering at Epping. Heading down through a bush track, we intersected with some major trails, and then traversed along the fire trails through many creeks (only a few feet along with way) till we came to the STEP track, a lovely 2KM detour providing lots of steps to keep our fitness levels high. We then headed toward a Scout Camp and to the mighty Sydney skyline views . After a short stop we returned back down the steep hill, to lovely creeks and we tested our balance all the way , another glorious day in paradise

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