Hornsby Steps, Thornleigh…   10km  Level 8

Meeting point :  26 Morgan Street, Thornleigh

Sunday 15th Sept, we are introducing a new hike to the Program. Its the Thornleigh to Hornbsy section of the GNW.
Although this walk is fairly easy at the beginning, its the 2nd half that you come for . The scenery is lovely, the hike is challenging and the ending is what is it is all about.

Its a one way track, only 10km .. so some car pooling is needed on this Hike. We will start at the Thornleigh end and walk to Hornsby. If you are on a train line, we could organise to pickup and drop off at the train station.
Meeting point : 26 Morgan Street, thornleigh
End point : Quarry Road, Hornsby

In total approx. 10KM walk, level 8

Allow around 3hours for the Hike and stretching.


HIKEFit is all about getting you Fit in Nature . We walk fast on the flat and at your own pace up hills. This is a two + hour exercise program, which is far more enjoyable than hitting the treadmill a the gym. As a qualified fitness trainer and with wilderness first aid certification, my aim is to help you get fit, be happy and healthy in nature.

It is essential you wear appropriate Walking Gear with stable shoes, sunhat, sunblock, and bring plenty of water (1.5Litres) and a snack. I encourage members to have breakfast beforehand so you body has enough fuel to handle the hike. I have posted a few questions upon registration that I require you to answer to ensure you are able to handle this walk from a Medical viewpoint.

HIKEFit Multi Hike packages are now available. Prepay for 10 hikes and save upto 20% per hike. Register on www.sterlingfitness.com.au
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Please direct all enquiries to Sonia
Email: fitness@sterlingresults.com.au
Pone : 1800 101 737

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