Healthy Eating Plan

By Sonia Wray   Sterling Results Fitness Club    4th  April 2018

 Easter has now past and how do you feel ?   

If you’re like and thousands of others, you enjoyed the long weekend, let your hairdown , had food and wine with Family, and shared the children’s Easter eggs .  How could you say no ?

Easter breakfast table

On Monday did you feel a little worse for wear.  I did, my clothes even felt tighter ….

We are in our fourth month of the year, its time now to start seriously looking into the Kitchen and focusing on what we are eating.

You’ve been good at the gym, going regularly, feeling a difference in your energy level, increasing your weights, maybe even boxing stronger…. Yes, the gym is making a difference to your fitness and your strength. However, you need more than 2 -3 workouts a week to make a difference to your body shape.

You need to focus on your food quality and quantity.

You could go on the 5/2 diet, the lemon diet , the Isoshake diet, or you could just start modifying your daily ritual.  I recommend the later

Yes “fad dieting” will make a change but not a lifelong change, and what we want is to create “A New You“ .. no more Yoyo-ing up and down the size chart.

How do we do this, its through discipline and making small changes.

If you are going to make a long term difference don’t expect t to happen overnight.

Here is a 3+ week plan ton get you started … Remember this change could take months to become normal.  Hopefully my recommendations will help the whole family become more healthier.

Week 1

  • Purchase a set of kitchen scales and a pedometer

    apps to download
  • Download My Fitness Plan and be religious in recording all your food, including portion size (record what you actually eat now – no dieting needed)
  • Ensure you walk 10,000 per day, with at least 5000 being “purposeful” .. for example fast street walking
  • Maintain your gym classes


Week 2

Food Diary from MyFitnessPal
  • Allocate a portion of Carbs, Proteins and Fats to the record – data can be extrapolated from your first week of recording (I’m happy to guide you here)
  • Start reading the back of everything you buy. And start to buy products that have less sugar , and a smaller carb to protein ratio   (for example Burgen Bread generally has 2:1 ration of Carbs to Protein, what if you could find a product that has a 1:5 ratio of carbs to protein … wow)
Nutritional Comparison of two similar breads
  • CUT out Dessert high sugary meals from your meals, this includes biscuits with coffee, sugar in your tea , nightly dessert with the kids.
  • Ensure you walk 10,000 per days, and at least 5000 should be “purposeful” …. for example fast street walking and maintain your gym classes

Week 3

  • Adjust the dietary plan to increase Protein, reduce carbs and eliminate sugar
  • Ensure you are continuing to weigh your food, accuracy in portion control is key
  • Review your shopping list, remove items from the house that become a temptation, you don’t need it and nor does the rest of your family.
healthy shopping list
  • Adjust meals to now have lean meat (and fish) (Red, white, pink) with Main meals and veggies or salad. Protein will fill you up far more than carbs
  • Aim for a healthy breakfast each morning

    protein powder
  • Reduce snacking by adding protein drinks to your morning or afternoon snack time
  • Aim to keep equal or below your calorie intake
  • Record your exercise in MyFitness pal (or via map my fitness)
  • Ensure you walk 10,000 per days, and at least 5000 should be “purposeful” .. for example fast street walking and maintain or increase your gym classes



Week 4:

Continue to be diligent

This change could take months to become normal.

By being disciplined to record everything you eat and do will change your behaviour.

As you record date, you will notice you will change what you are eating, swapping one unhealthy item for a more healthier choice, this will then become normal.

Record your weight every  4 weeks .


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