Looking at losing weight over the next few months, before winter kicks in.

Five very simple tips to get started.

1. Walk home from work / walk an extra bus stop

You only live 3 km from the office, then walk instead of driving, not only will you save on all those parking fees you will also add at least 7000 steps to your daily routine.
If you catch a public transport to work, could you catch the bus a few stops further on. Those extra steps will help you be more active thereby helping you burn daily calories

2. Climb the stairs at work

You work on the fifth floor, or maybe your office occupies two or more floors. Walk the stairwell rather than taking the lift. Stair climbing is great for getting your heart rate pumping, especially at the beginning of the day. Do this everyday and you’ll be surprised at how easy it becomes

​3. Invest in technology

We all know we need to walk a minimum of 10,000 steps a day, but do we know how many that is? Use your Phone with Health app, or invest in a Pedometer. Now you can see how many steps you are doing. The modern Pedometer, like fitbit, become great motivations, especially when you link to friends.

4. Increase your pace

You’ve invested in technology that tell you how many steps you do, now it’s time to increase the speed. I you walk at slow pace, perhaps 50% of your max Heartrate it’s like sitting on your lounge, ensure your pace is around 65% of your Max HR (max HR 220-age)

5.Parking spots

I know we all love a parking spot out the front of where we are going, Its often called the Rockstar Park. To me the real STAR is the person who parks futher away and walks that extra 200m . If you went a little further down the road or on a lower level of the car park, you will find lots of parks, you’ll become more active, walk more steps and ofcourse burn more calories.

These are the five easiest ways to start burning more calories, it’s about making a conscious decision to be more active. Walk 10,000 steps a day and make a difference
Can you create a list of things you could be doing to lose weight? I’ll add five more next week

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