In my last blog I gave you five of the easiest ways to start burning calories, these were all about being more active and to start walk 10,000 steps a day.

Here are another five ideas to keep you going

1. Wash your car

I found washing my car took about 10mins in actual
washing time, and lots of shoulder movement. So I saved $40 in wash fees, got some exercise and felt proud to have a clean car. Do this fortnightly and see what difference it makes

2. Gardening

We all know how therapeutic gardening is and remember how painful it is the next day. Gardening is great for your Glutes. Spend a few hours out in the garden, pull weeds, plant some veggies you will have worked your muscles plus the rewards are huge with beautiful flowers and veggies blossoming.

3. Own a Dog

Owning a dog is the easiest way to get exercise. They just love their exercise. This time take them a little further than normal, rather than go to the closest park and let them free while you have coffee, Walk with them that the extra KM or two and remember to keep it fast. Most dogs like a brisk walk

4. Take the Children to the park and play catch

Are you lucky enough to still have young ones, then walk to the local park with them take a Frisbee or a basketball. Play some games in the park. The best thing is, they get an hour off the technology and some fresh air, You get exercise, and precious time with your children.

Don’t have children, take your best friend. Play time is for everyone!

5. Shopping

I love this one, which I read it in a blog recently. Use shopping baskets rather than shopping trolleys in the supermarket. Now you are walking through the Supermarket carrying in each hand loaded shopping baskets, you could be carrying in excess of 5 KG per hand. This is called farmers walk in the gym! Exercise while you are shopping …. don’t forget to buy some heavily weighted food.

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