As I was walking the seven Bridges on Sunday it made me think about the benefits of walking  to Weight loss.

Imagine  what 40 minutes of brisk walking every day can do to help you loose weight.

A 40min brisk walk burns between 200 and 300 Kcal … if you did this everyday after work that would burn close to 1500 Kcal / week .. basically removing a day of Food from your weekly intake …No 5/2  diets, not fad diets in sight.

We all know to lose weight , your calories in must be less than  than you calories out … so if you walk every day plus add a couple of gym classes in  and maybe even join me on a long  hike on the weekends (or your own 10KM walk)  then you could burn up to 4000 Kcal per week .. That’s equivalent of half a kilogram per week.

What is important is to NOT add extra food in during this time, DON’T  reward yourself with extra calories .. Chocolate , wine , cheese , etc .. keep everything the same .. but imagine what greater change you could make if you then at a well balanced diet to that regime.  ( visit my blog on a Healthy Eating Plan )

Let’s just let’s try this over November and December and see what change happens by Christmas

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