17th July 2018,  by Sonia Wray
Founder and Head Trainer at Sterling Results Fitness Club

I completed some research this week. Looking at different training exercises and what calorie burn was achieved.

I completed four (4) tasks

  • A Long endurance hike 15km in 5hours
  • A short 5KM easy walk in 1 hour
  • A 30min Strength workout
  • A 60min Tabata workout

When extrapolated , Which do you think created the best energy burn over a 60mins period?

Did you choose the 60min Tabata workout. Well our friend “walking” created the best “burn per buck“.

Just imagine what benefits you will achieve by Walking 1 hour per day…  you can do it with friends, you can do it with family, you can do it anywhere; and it costs nothing but time.  I tell clients to try and add 5,000 “purposeful” to their daily routine, 5km = 1hr = 5000+ steps.  Incorporate this in with a Exercise program 3-4 times  a week and you will achieve massive changes.

Attached are the training records from the above examples… I obviously burnt the most calories over the long endurance walk ; over that 5 hour period I burnt over 2100calories, however, we don’t all have the luxury of heading out on a 5 hour hike.

For me, however, the strength training was the most fun, plus it has the added benefits of creating muscle, building bone density and overall strength, whilst achieving a high calorie burn that you can do in a short time.  I recommend having a personal trainer for a period of time to ensure your programming and technique is correct.

This training involved 4 sets of 4 exercises

  • Barbell Squats 12 reps @50KG
  • Clean and Press 12 reps @17KG
  • Walking Lunges 25 strides, 8KG ea hand
  • Weighted Overhead Walk 30m, 8KG ea hand
  • 3 x 30sec elevated leg Planks

equivalent to 321Cal for the 60min workout



Whether I walked for 60mins or 5hours, the Calorie expenditure was the same per hr   .. equivalent to 475Cal for the 60min walk


Finally the Tabata Fitness workout burnt approx.  230Cal for the 60min workout.  The best bit about a fitness class workout is the benefit of training with others and turning fitness into fun.  It is also an affordable way of training, and ofcourse you’re building strength and bone density.

This Tabata Fitness workout consisted of the following plan


The good news, no matter what exercise you do, you will burn calories and if you do it daily and watch your calorie intake you will make changes to your body .. whether that be in gaining overall fitness, increased muscle strength, body shape change, or weight change.


Changes will occur …. the speed at which they do, and the order in which the change is noticed is different from one person to another.  If you are looking for weight change and not seeing it, then perhaps check on your body shape change, ‘Do your trousers feel looser?’ or even your fitness level, ‘can you walk up hill much easier than before?’.

Finally, don’t underestimate the benefit of strength training.

Before I start let me challenge the first myth “If I strength train I will get bulky” ….  most women will not show any muscle at all (☹ ). Infact you can be super strong but no one would know …. Men with their inbuilt Testosterone level, absolutely show muscle strength as soon as they train.

Now to the benefits :

  • High calorie burn
  • Increased bone density ( reduces Osteoporosis)
  • Increase muscle strength
  • Creates lean muscle / reduces layer of surface fat
  • Improved mental health (reduces depression)
  • Increases endorphins
  • Reduces side effects of menopause
  • Recharges metabolism
  • Reduces signs and symptoms of numerous chronic diseases such as heart disease, arthritis, and type 2 diabetes
  • Improving sleep

If you’re not adding weights to your fitness training, todays is the day to change. Talk to your trainer about the right weights to use for each exercise. Start easy to avoid injury and gradually increase your weights to a safe level.

Stay Fit Stay Healthy, Stay Happy,  Stay Well

Sonia Wray
Founder and Head Trainer at Sterling Results Fitness Club






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