Are you thinking of going on a trek soon, maybe to the Larapinta trail in the NT, walking the Camino De Sanitago, trekking around New Zealand or climbing a great mountain in Nepal? Whatever your adventure it is so vital to be in the best shape before starting.

I went to Nepal last year on a 15 day trek, alas 2 out of the 7 members had not trained. After the first days walk, they packed and went home. You don’t want that, you need to be physically and mentally prepared.

Consider what your adventure involves, are you walking for 5 days or 25 days straight? Do you cover 10KM each day? Are there hills or steps involved? Will you be carrying a day pack or your entire gear? The best training should mimic your adventure.

Training in the similar environment is key, as is strength training. You could be walking for 10 days, 10kM each day up hills, you will need to have strong leg and calf muscles. Likewise carry a 8-10Kg backpack required good core and back msucles.

Add in some resistance training to your preparation and become ADVENTURE FIT !!

At Sterling Results Fitness Club we consider the details of your trek and prepare a program specifically to suit. Get in touch, and let me help you achieve your adventure being ADVENTURE FIT

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