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At Sterling Results Fitness Club we are focused on our clients.

Sterling Results Fitness Club was established by Sonia Wray. At 50 years of age Sonia realised that to a live healthier and happier life was an important factor to aging; as such she transformed her career from a senior executive to a Personal Fitness Trainer, where her moto is being “Fit, Fabulous and Over 50”.

After completing her certifications Sonia focusses on clients just like her, those who are, or who want to be ‘Fit, Fabulous and Over 50’. Sonia’s philosophy is to hire trainers who are of similar background or appreciate the needs and challenges of the targeted clientele.

Sonia is a lover of trekking high altitude mountains and golf, as such she has designed programs specifically focussed on these areas.

Sonia witnessed too many people struggle physically when going on their adventures of a lifetime, as such she wanted to help those embarking on a trek to be physically and mentally prepared. She loves helping clients get fitter in nature through her HIKEfit Program as well as building clients resistance to bone damage through her personal fitness training.

As a keen golfer, Sonia has found that by being fitter, her golf has improved dramatically and through her GOLFFit programs she has helped many clients reduce their golf handicaps.

SRFC Vision is to Transform Your Health, the SRFC values are:

• Achieve Greatness
• Fear Less
• Embrace Nature
• Live Life
• Love Humanity
• Be Healthy

Sonia Wray

Hi , I'm Sonia and here to help YOU
I am a qualified Personal Trainer, holding Certificate III & IV in Fitness as well as Wilderness First Aid.
Prior Establishing SRFC, I held executive corporate positions in multinational companies, as such I know the stress work and travel can bring ... and more importantly the release exercise can impart.

My Hobby is climbing high altitude mountains which required dedication and commitment both in training and during the climb. As such I know how to prepare you for any challenges ahead of you.

I was born in 1963 and unlike many trainers out there, I wasn’t a gym junkie nor an athlete, I dedicated my time to my career. However, since starting this journey post 50, I wouldn’t look back., I love being healthier, happy and fit and I want you to feel the same.

I am a highly motivated and passionate person, so together we can make a difference, together I can help you reach your goals and make your dreams come true!

Contact Us

Sonia Wray

Willoughby Gym
Lower North Shore, NSW

1800 101 RESULTS (101737)

Why Sterling Results Fitness Club

  • Personalised Training

  • Boutique Gym

  • Experienced Trainers

  • Focus on over 50


  • Sonia has that great ability as a trainer, to both challenge and encourage. She has worked with me to identify and then achieve my fitness goals. When I began seeing Sonia I was recovering from a knee injury, I had been diagnosed with arthritis in the same joint. I was told that I wouldn't be doing any more hiking holidays, which my husband and I really enjoyed doing together. Sonia worked around the injury then slowly built up the strength in my knee. Two (2)years on I am fitter, stronger, slimmer, 5 kilos lighter! I am now in training to walk the 4 day Three Capes Track in Tasmania this April, with my family. After at raining session with Sonia I always feel like I could take on the world!

    Vanessa 2017

    Age 57 Jan 2017

  • I have been training with Sonia for just over 12 months and found the combination of weight training and aerobic workouts to be fantastic in building , not only muscle strength, but overall core fitness. Sonia tailors the programme to my goals , which is important to me as I undertake a variety of activities from sailing to running and hence having Sonia as a personal trainer has enabled me to achieve my fitness goals.

    I would thoroughly recommend Sonia as a personal trainer


    Age 50, Feb 2017

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