“How’s your diet?”, I ask

“Great” She answers. “I eat a balance of good Fats, Carbs and Proteins, I eat healthy food and I’m feeling ok”, so we are chatting and I think this is fantastic she on her journey of healthiness.

Then I ask “Do you know how much sugar you are eating? “

“I don’t have any sugar added to my diet, I don’t eat sugary drinks or sweet things. Sure there
might be some natural sugars in the food but that would count as nothing“

So I questioned this ……. Let’s have a look at the nutrition information from each of the foods.

OMG, we find out there is significant sugar in all food.

So, I challenge you to start recording your food, and start swapping out high sugar foods with low sugar foods. (Perhaps use Myfitnesspal, rally easy app to record food)

Here is an example I did for breakfast. Instead of buying fruit flavour LIGHT Yogurt, I bought natural yogurt and added some Berries. Look at the difference in nutrients.

Natural Yogurt had 75% less sugar and 50% less carbs than the Light Yogurt, plus was Double in it protein content. Would the natural yogurt with Berries be a better wat to start your day… It taste the same, maybe even better!

And here’s another ideas, you already are eating healthy yogurt, byt you are adding a banana to your breakfast, by swapping the banana for berries, you could be reducing your calories count by 100g , your Carbs by 30 g and the sugar by 15g.

By simply reading the nutritional contents and making some minor changes to your routine, you will be eating far healthier than before. So not only with you be healthier on the inside, this will also aid in weight loss, if that is your goal.

Love to hear your feedback!

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